HomeworkHelper uses e-Learning principles to give learners unlimited access to a platform to ask questions, and access to answers to those questions.

That is it….

…summarized in a coffee mug!

Feel free to contact us if you have enquiries, want to see a demo, need to discuss an upgrade, or generally just want to discuss what HomeworkHelper can do for your child.



It is very important that learners realize the following:

To get the best out of Mathematics and the service that HomeworkHelper provides, you need to ask questions. The secret to success in Mathematics lies in asking questions!

When questions are sent to questions@homeworkhelper.co.za (preferable photos of the question, or even better - your attempt at answering the question) it may be answered via email, but in general the questions will be answered in a live YouTube class.

The timetable below will only have classes if you ask questions!!