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The MATHnificent Learners Project builds on a pilot project that was undertaken between the MATHmechanic and the Department of Education in 2017.

It was found, during this project, that most learners have access to smartphones and/or tablets, and that although data was still a serious problem for most of them it could be overcome by them visiting a WiFi Hotspot for occasional downloads.

Building on this, and in partnership with Scriblr, the MATHmechanic has released its series of tutorPACKS, to be downloaded online, and then played in the Scriblr Player even if the learner is offline.

How does it work?

A learner will download the Scriblr Player onto an Android device, and then visit the Scriblr link above to download any SUPERlesson (a package of audio-visual videos). These SUPERlessons are then played back in the Scriblr Player, whenever and wherever the learners need access to explanations.

Advantages of SUPERlessons

The MATHmechanic uses a digital pen and a microphone to record everything that is said and everything that it written while explaining math questions, techniques or principles. These recordings are then packaged together to form a SUPERlesson, which is like a video with an index page.

Another big advantage is that the file sizes of these SUPERLessons are considerably less than a comparable video-format, which saves bandwidth.

Learners can also forward and rewind the explanations as many times as they want or require, meaning that the tutor is brought to them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How much does it cost?

The Scriblr Player license cost R250 per year - that is all!

Downloads of SUPERLessons are free - as many as you want!
Do you want to make money?

If you have entrepreneurial flair and would like to earn some money, you just have to sell the MATHnificent Learners to your mates! It will cost you R100 for the license, and you can sell it for R250 - making R150 per learner per year!

10 of your friends per month, for 10 months of the year, is R15 000! Imagine what you can do with that!!!

Contact us on WhatsApp @ 078 214 1294 if you are interested in becoming
a MATHnificent Learner Representative (MLR)
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