How much does it cost?
It works out at as little as R10,90 per month per learner, payable upfront as an amount of R120 for the year (December not included).

If you would rather try a shorter period, you can buy 3 months at R45
How does it work?
Learners are required to send an email with their question(s) to Depending on the questions, it may be answered with a return email, but more often than not an Online Class will be scheduled during which the questions will be explained
What is the format of the online classes?
Classes are streamed on YouTube Live Broadcast. There are a number of reasons for this, i.e. the fact that YouTube already brings the data down, but the biggest reason is that YouTube can handle any amount of subscribers in the class, while utilizing the amazing technology of Google to make sure that there are no buffering issues or servers crashing
How will I be able to get into the class?
Subscribers need to provide a valid email address when signing up. The class times for the week will be emailed to all parents (it is also in the TimeTable), and the link for the classes will be sent with separate emails about 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start. Alternatively the links to the classes will be provided for in the log-in page (each parent will get the link to this page separately)
Will the video be available on YouTube afterwards?
Unfortunately not. Learners will need to be available and in class if they want to have their questions answered.

The videos of the classes will only be available as part of the e-Learning upgrade
Why are you doing this so cheaply?
Doing what we are doing on the internet means we can reduce the costs of production many times over, and pass this saving on to our clients.

We would also like to see the school-generation of the 2020's become fluent in e-Learning, but we realize that there are many obstacles in their way - cost of subscriptions being one of them. We are hoping that HomeworkHelper will contribute in making access to quality e-Learning for school learners possible and affordable.
Are there upgrades available, for more e-Learning facilities?
Yes, e-Learning is a vast resource in Education.

We have our own upgrade package where parents can join the e-Learning Club or as a Premium Member, should this be considered as an option.....
Why is there so much emphasis on asking questions?
The secret to success in Mathematics lies in the ability to ask questions.

That alone is enough reason already for us to insist on teaching kids how to ask questions.

It is a sad fact that there is never enough time to answer the individual questions that learners have. When in class they receive a predominantly one-way transfer of knowledge (because there simply isn't time in a typical period to give individual attention to every child, and still get through the work). The idea of school is that learners will take this knowledge and develop it into an understanding when they do their homework, but sadly this is where they get stuck most of the time. We want to provide a platform for the asking and answering of questions whenever the question pops up!

Mathematics is a very important subject, but no so much because of the Algebra and Equations, but because of the skills it teaches while doing it: think of a child encountering fractions for the first time, how do they fully and totally comprehend it? Well, we believe that they can achieve excellence by firstly understanding and then developing. The "developing" is easy for them - they normally have stacks of exercises to work through. But if they don't understand, what exactly is the point of exercising and practice?

By encouraging them to ask questions, we believe they will learn the value of research, and this skill will flow over to all other subjects, where they will also start to interrogate the content of the Science, Geography, Economics and other classes. And one day when they are adults and starting their lives, they will be equipped to learn new things - in the same way that they learned fractions from scratch!

And it all starts with learning how to ask questions!
Is there a catch?
Yes, there is....this initiative is ALL ABOUT teaching kids how to ask questions, and how to formulate questions. If they send us pictures of test questions without formulating a question themselves, or if they send us pages full of worksheets or past tests, we will simply send it back. The catch is that they are only allowed to send one question at a time, and this question should be verbalized by themselves (what do I not understand, what I have done so far, where do I get stuck, etc).