In order for the HomeworkHelper facility to work, there are a few conditions:
1) Learners must send us a photo of the homework every day. They need to check in,
    even if they do not have homework. It is their responsibility to check in every day,
    we will not police them nor send messages enquiring where they are.
    When counter-questions are sent to initiate discussions, it is also the learners'
    responsibility to make sure that these questions are responded on.

2) When learners do their homework over weekends it will only be evaluated in the
    following week.

3) The first step in the HomeworkHelper process is to use a chat platform to discuss
    the homework. If need-be a video will be sent that the learner will have to watch,
    after which the discussion will recommence. Online classes may be scheduled if
    neither the chat nor the videos succeed in getting the techniques across.

4) Parents are required to be present in chat groups, even if just silent observers.

5) It may happen that a specific day's homework cannot be discussed in full on that
    specific day, in which case the discussion will roll over.

6) We normally close the discussions around 17h00 each day, but if requested we
    could try to extend the session for a particular learner. We will be offline during
    weekends and public holidays, unless specifically requested.

7) Assistance will be provided with tasks and assignments, but it will not be done for
    the learners - they need to show comprehension and attempts at trying to do the
    work themselves.

8) Costs may be increased at any time, but existing clients will not be affected by any
    such changes.